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Bigfoot vs Yeti

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot
Possible Russian Yeti

It has been purposed that the Yeti is not only in Asia but could possibly also be living in North America as well as other places around the world. If that is true then here is a thought for you. 

What if it's true? The classic Bigfoot we all know of is a peaceful but curious creature according to most reports. Is shy and turns away if approached to closely. But there are those reports of violent attacks by what is thought to be a Bigfoot creature. Well we put it to you that what if those violent attacks are not being done by Bigfoot but the Yeti.

The reason for this thought is that as stated above the Bigfoot creature is mostly thought to be a peaceful creature but the Yeti as reported in Asia is reported to be not so peaceful and attacking livestock and sometimes even people. So what if the attacking reports in North America are not the Bigfoot at all and are the Yeti instead. That would give us not one but 2 unknown Bigfoot type creatures we are looking for and not just one.

Interesting thought wouldn't you think?

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