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Baxter County

Fall 1972 (Class A) - Teenager has sighting near Ozark National Forest, BFRO

June 1980 (Class B) - Youth hears vocalizations and is trailed while fishing on White River, BFRO

1981 - Six year old sees Bigfoot outside of their window, GCBRO 

May 1995 (Class A) - Backyard sighting near Mountain Home, BFRO

June 1997 (Class B) - Three fisherman hear thrashing about and loud vocalizations, BFRO

Winter 2003 (Class A) - Two fishermen have close-up sighting while driving home at night from Norfork Lake, BFRO

April 2007 - Mushroom Hunter sees Bigfoot, GCBRO 

February 2009 (Class A) - Motorist has close encounter on Mallard Point Road near Lake Norfork, BFRO

December 2011 - Witness, hear's possible pig, being pursued by Bigfoot close to home, GCBRO

April 2012 - Encounter's of Bigfoot Near Witness's home, GCBRO

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