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Burlington County

June 1952 or 1953 (Class B) - Memory told of a possible encounter while camping with Girl Scouts in the Pine Barrens, BFRO

October 1980 (Class B) - Bowhunters hear loud, high pitched screams 15 miles West of Batsto River, near Pine Barrens region, BFRO

October 1981 (Class B) - Possible Nightime Encounter In Wharton State Forest, BFRO

July 1991 (Class B) - High pitched screams heard by hikers in the Pine Barrens, BFRO

November 1995 (Class B) - Night time sighting in Wharton State Forest, within five miles of Batsto, BFRO

April 1997 (Class B) - Campers in the Pine Barrens hear loud, terrible scream, BFRO

July 1998 (Class A) - Night sighting by motorists near Garden State Parkway, exit 52, BFRO

Fall 2003 (Class A) - Late night sighting by motorists in Crosswicks, BFRO

December 2005 (Class A) - Late afternoon sighting in the Pine Barrens, BFRO

October 2007 (Class B) - Teens experience possible nighttime stalking & intimidation in Pemberton, BFRO

March 2010 (Class A) - Researchers have early morning road crossing near Medford, BFRO

Spring 2011 (Class B) - Man has possible intimidation encounter in woods close to his home near Country Lakes, BFRO

May 2013 (Class B) - Camper has nightime intimidation encounter in the Pine Barrens, BFRO

June 2019 (Class A) - Motorist spots juvenile Sasquatch near Speedwell entrance to Franklin Parker Preserve, BFRO

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