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Calaveras County

Fall 1968 (Class B) - Hunter locates large footprints near Railroad Flats, BFRO

July 1977 (Class B) - Hikers have late night experience near Spicer, BFRO

December 1978 (Class B) - Teenager has a nighttime close encounter and then sees tracks in the snow in Avery, BFRO

June 1981 (Class B) - Sound and Footprint Reports from Stanislaus National Forest, BFRO

August 1990 (Class B) - Group of hunters have unusual experience near Dorrington, BFRO

August 2000 - White creature spotted on ridge while fishing, GCBRO

August 2001 (Class B) - Campers hear early morning screams near Calaveras Big Trees, BFRO

August 2003 (Class B) - Campers hear late night screams near Arnold, BFRO

July 2004 (Class B) - Family hears strange sounds near West Point at dusk, BFRO

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