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Charlotte County

August 1962 (Class A) - Boy Scouts have sighting while camping at Quednau Ranch, BFRO

January 2001-2002 (Class A) - Husband and wife have close encounter while roller blading outside Port Charlotte, BFRO

October 2005 (Class B) - Couple hears an unusual scream while camping overnight on the Peace River, BFRO

March 2006 (Class A) - City planner sees large upright animal while touring property near Punta Gorda, BFRO also on GCBRO

March 2008 (Class A) - Woman walking her dogs has frightening early morning encounter near Charlotte Harbor, BFRO

Winter 2011 2012 (Class B) - Fish stolen from a boat, possible knocks and vocalizations near Punta Gorda, BFRO

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