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Chelan County

Summer 1954-55 (Class A) - Multiple witness sighting in daylight in a remote area near Holden, BFRO

August 1968 (Class B) - Backpacker observes a tall, early morning visitor in camp, BFRO

1970'sBigfoot Observed Staring In Through Window of Home, GCBRO

February 1973? (Class A) - Two men see something walk up and over ridge behind home, BFRO

August 1975 (Class B) - Campers hear loud animal "roars", from inside the treeline of a clear-cut, BFRO

August 1978 (Class B) - Memory of a possible night-time sighting as a youth playing 'Hide and Go Seek' in Holden Village, BFRO

October 1978 - Man recalls sighting from is teens in the 70s, OB.Com

April 1984- Very close screams/yells heard in steep narrow canyon, OB.Com

July 1996 (Class B) - Campers hear loud vocalizations at Fish lake, BFRO

May 1997 (Class B) - Hikers find tracks and a possible nest, BFRO

July 2000 (Class B) - Campers hear vocalizations near Clear Lake, BFRO

July 2001 - Campers awoken by vocalizations near Suiattle Pass, OB.Com

October 2002 (Class B) - Man hunting deer finds unusual feces and hears animal, BFRO

October 2003Prints Found, GCBRO

August 2004 (Class B) - Two neighbors hear mournful screams from nearby Nason Ridge, BFRO

August 2004 (Class A) - Driver has road-cross sighting on Highway 2, north of Leavenworth, BFRO

April 2005 (Class B) - Turkey hunters surprised by loud vocalizations near Wenatchee, BFRO

July 2005 (Class B) - Possible Late Night Encounter Outside Chelan, BFRO

September 2005 - Unusual screams/howls heard by family in campground, OB.Com

November 2005 (Class B) - Train engineer reports track find and vocalizations on Stevens Pass, BFRO

August 2007 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by boaters where Holden Creek flows into Lake Chelan, BFRO

August 2008 (Class A) - Man startles creature while mountain biking near Chelan, BFRO

September 2012 (Class B) - Possible nighttime encounter at a couple's campsite near Plain, BFRO

June 2014 (Class B) - Dirt bike riders hear possible knocks north of Lake Wenatchee, BFRO

September 2014 (Class B) - Hikers hear "weird vocal exchange" from unknowns near Lake Ann, BFRO

December 2014 (Class B) - Snowplow driver has possible night-time sighting near Coles Corner, BFRO

October 2016 (Class A) - Motorist has daytime sighting along the highway near Coles Corner, BFRO

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