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Coconino County

December 1973 (Class A) - Man tells of his scary encounter while traveling Route 66 in a snow storm, BFRO

November 1974Young Child Is Peered at through a window 7 foot off the ground, by Bi-Pedal Creature, GCBRO

October 1982 (Class B) - Deer hunters find tracks in mountains northwest of Williams, BFRO

July near 1983 (Class A) - Witness encounters bigfoot on the shores of Oak Creek, BFRO

October 1989 (Class B) - Memory told of a possible early morning sighting while hunting near West Clear Creek, BFRO

1989 - Teens see creature get down on all fours and run by, OB.Com

July 1990 (Class A) - Evening sighting by motorists north of Flagstaff, BFRO

October 1991 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard at sundown near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, BFRO

July 1997Hunters see really hairy, two legged animal with very long arms, GCBRO

July 1998 - Three men see huge figure running through valley, OB.Com

March 1999 (Class B) - Two part report of possible vocalizations, footprints and a nest, near Jacob Lake, BFRO

July 1999 - Men hear vocalizations while camping near Blue Ridge in Arizona, OB.Com

June 2000 (Class B) - Midnight vocalizations disturb camping family near Mormon Mountain, BFRO

September 2000 (Class B) - Father and son hear unidentifiable sounds, BFRO

December 2000 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting by motorists on Hwy 87 in Jacks Canyon, 30 miles south of Winslow, BFRO

October 2004 (Class B) - Camping couple hears loud nighttime vocalizations near Knoll Lake, BFRO

May 2005 (Class B) - Twilight vocalizations heard near Lake Mary, BFRO

Summer 2005 (Class B) - Rock throwing incident at Woods Canyon Lake, BFRO

September 2005 (Class B) - Vocalizations heard at Woods Canyon Lake, BFRO

April 2006 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard by campers near Knoll Lake, BFRO

July 2006 (Class B) - Various late night vocalizations heard on a property near Flagstaff, BFRO

August 2006 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard near Bear Canyon Lake, BFRO

August 2006 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard near Snow Bowl on San Francisco Peaks, BFRO

November 2006 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard at Woods Canyon Lake, BFRO

August 2007 (Class B) - Knocks and whooping sounds heard north of Clint's Well, BFRO

August 2007 (Class B) - Heavy footsteps and screams heard near Bear Canyon Lake, BFRO

August 2007 (Class B) - Possible evening vocalizations heard near Snowbowl, BFRO

September 2007Motorist see hairy, two legged animal on the side of the freeway, GCBRO

July 2008 (Class B) - Campers report harassment on the Mogollon Rim near Knoll Lake, BFRO

August 2008 (Class B) - Trailer shaken and objects thrown at campers on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, BFRO

September 2008 (Class B) - Hunters have camper shaken and hear whoops on the North Kiabab, BFRO

December 2009 (Class B) - Possible trackline found in fresh snow near Willow Springs Lake, BFRO

May 2010 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by father and son from a campsite north of Mogollon Rim, BFRO

August 2010 (Class B) - Possible encounter disturbs a camper in a high country forest, BFRO

July 2011 (Class B) - Camper hears possible late-night vocalizations in the Knoll Lake area, BFRO

October 2012 (Class B) - Several possible vocalizations heard south of Jacob Lake near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, BFRO

August 2013 (Class B) - Campers awakened by possible late-night screams north of Woods Canyon Lake, BFRO

January 2014Bigfoot Report, GCBRO

August 2014 (Class B) - Passengers travelling to the Arizona Snowbowl ski area have a possible daytime sighting, BFRO

July 2015 (Class B) - Possible early morning whoops and knocks heard at a Forest Service cabin, BFRO

June 2016 (Class B) - Camper has a possible afternoon sighting at USFS campground near the town of Strawberry, BFRO

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