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Athens County

July 1980 (Class A) - Three college students witness a large creature standing just off of the railroad tracks, BFRO

September 1994 (Class A) - Evening sighting by squirrel hunter in woods behind old brick Kilns, BFRO

November 1998 (Class B) - Hunter hears late night wood knocking near Nelsonville, by Wayne Nat'l Forest, BFRO

October 1999-2000? (Class B) - Bow hunter recalls hearing screams near Wayne National Forest, BFRO

May 2002 (Class A) - A series of encounters on Haga Ridge near the Wayne National Forest, BFRO

October 2019 (Class A) - Dog walker lady has daylight sighting of a Bigfoot in a nature preserve NW of Coolville, BFRO

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