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Cheshire County

1975-79-92 & 2001 - Several Bigfoot Encounters, GCBRO

1993 - Screams in the Night Might Be Something Else, GCBRO

November 1995Deer Hunter in Remote area has Uncomfortable Encounter, GCBRO

July 2003 (Class B) - Late Night Close Range Overpowering Vocalization, BFRO

June 2005Witness has Bigfoot Encounter, GCBRO

December 2005Possible Bigfoot Screams Heard, GCBRO

January 2006Possible Bigfoot encountered on a walking trail, GCBRO

August 2006While Walking Home, Witness See's Bigfoot, GCBRO

November 2007Big Green/Yellow Eyes Seen, by Motorist Out Looking for Bigfoot, GCBRO

November 2007Possible Bigfoot Seen crossing power line rite of way, by Person out for a Walk, GCBRO

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