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Brown County

April 1980 - Footfalls, Breathing and twigs snapping heard while walking, IBRO

May 1995 (Class B) - Two campers hear strange sounds and see the outline of an upright creature, BFRO also on IBRO

March 1998 (Class A) - Evening encounter by backpacker in Hoosier National Forest, BFRO also on IBRO

September 1999 - Creature seen while walking, SIS

June 2002 - Sounds heard  while camping, SIS

May 2012 (Class A) - Eight years ago like it was only eight days, BFRO

August 2015 (Class B) - Campers hear possible vocalizations on Yellowwood Lake, BFRO

May 2020 (Class A) - Father & daughter sighting in Yellowwood State Forest, BFRO

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