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Clearfield County

January 1921 (Class A) - Old newspaper article (Clearfield Progress - Pennsylvania) sightings by farmers in Clearfield County, BFRO

1969? - Odd sounds and smells noticed, GCBRO

August 1975 (Class A) - Bicyclist observes upright, hairy creature use branches to help itself climb embankment, BFRO

August 1978 (Class A) - Young boy observes animal chasing family horses, BFRO

November 1993 (Class B) - Hunter/police officer hears late afternoon vocalizations and breaking branches near Clearfield, BFRO

September 2008 (Class A) - Brief sighting by motorist on Rt. 80 just west of the town of Clearfield, BFRO

May 2013 (Class A) - Deer hunter scouting with his family encounters two Bigfoot near Houtzdale, BFRO

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