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Cherokee County

1945 - Teenager and friend hunting with dog, encounter large animal crashing through forest, GCBRO

1970/1971 - Eight foot tall, brown, hair covered ape man seen by trash dump, GCBRO

Early 1970's - Teens Out Partying Encounter a Bigfoot, GCBRO

March 1974 (Class A) - Man recalls childhood experience with Bigfoot, BFRO

Early Fall 1975 - Man sees man-ape standing in brush, after going to investigate sounds heard in the woods, GCBRO

December 1978Trapper Experiences Many Unusual Phenomena During Trapping Season, GCBRO

December 1979Man is watched by pair of huge glowing red eyes 9 - 10 foot off ground, GCBRO

Spring 1981 (Class A) - Two cousins have a sighting in a thunderstorm on a family farm outside Palestine, BFRO

December 1983 - Deer hunters see Bigfoot, GCBRO

October 1991 - Camper has a night time visitor, GCBRO

August 1995 - Two people see a Bigfoot while driving the backroads late at night, GCBRO

July 2003 - GCBRO Researcher finds some interesting evidence and witnesses a Bigfoot, GCBRO

February 2004 - GCBRO Researchers finds some interesting possible evidence of Bigfoot, GCBRO

July 2004 - GCBRO Investigators find tracks and other evidence that indicate an area of possible activity, GCBRO

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