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Harrison County

April 1979 (Class A) - Human-like "animal" seen by family while target shooting near an open pasture, BFRO

Fall 1987 (Class A) - Deer hunter encounters Bigfoot at Caddo Lake near Karnack, BFRO

December 1989 (Class A) - Ongoing encounters with a Bigfoot on family property at Caddo Lake, BFRO

December 1996 (Class B) - People see large, hairy animal near road, BFRO

July 2001GCBRO Researchers Finds Bigfoot Tracks, GCBRO

December 2001 (Class A) - Deer hunter has encounter with Bigfoot carrying deer hind quarter, BFRO

March 2003 (Class A) - Driver sees a Bigfoot cross the road near Harleton, BFRO

November 2003 (Class A) - Woman sees creature by dog kennels in area close to Lake O' the Pines, BFRO

November 2011 - Unusual Animal kill found, GCBRO

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