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Liberty County

November 1978 - 1979 (Class A) - Squirrel hunter has encounters not far from Trinity River, BFRO

Spring 1979/1980 (Class A) - Man recalls a late night encounter while parking in a remote area north of Splendora, BFRO

August 1983 (Class A) - While riding bicycle, teenager has afternoon, close encounter not far from Trinity River, BFRO

Fall 1983 - Young couple hear screams in forest, and see gray colored Bigfoot at old cemetary, GCBRO

1990 (Class A) - Three motorists have night time road encounter near Kenefick, BFRO

December 1993 (Class A) - Squirrel hunter has pre-dusk close encounter near Linney Creek, BFRO

January 16, 1998 - Man sees 8' tall dark shadowy figure cross road in front of him, GCBRO

April 2003 (Class A) - Mother and son endure frightening road encounter with hairy, "man-like" being, BFRO

January 2004 (Class A) - Couple has early morning sighting on Highway 105 very near the Trinity River, BFRO

May 2004 (Class A) - Man sees an upright creature jump across wooded trail, BFRO

May 2004 (Class A) - While driving between Trinity River and Cleveland, couple has morning road-cross encounter, BFRO

November 2004 - Deer hunters have strange occurrences develop while tracking wounded deer, GCBRO

September 2005 - While running trot lines, young man see's dark face looking at him, GCBRO

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