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Columbia County

1927 - Multiple Yankton sightings, OB.Com

March 1972 - Bikers hear loud call while on Highway 30, OB.Com

July 1980 - Dark Bigfoot seen behind barn, OB.Com

1980 - Goble track and hair found, berry bushes stripped, OB.Com

1991 - Man shares childhood account of 2 creatures watching him sledding near Birkenfield, OB.Com

November 1997 - Article in Oregon Hunters Assoc. documents sighting by Portland Hunter, OB.Com

July 2003 - Woman hears terrifying shriek near residence, describes livestock disturbance, OB.Com 

September 2003 - Large Bigfoot tracks found, Resident reports hearing strange sounds, OB.Com

November 2003 (Class B) - Two hunters hear repeated loud screams, BFRO

August 2004 (Class B) - While scouting, hunter hears morning vocalization west of Scappoose, BFRO

July 2009 - Vocalizations heard in timber, OB.Com

August 2010 - Elk hunter's cow call triggers response scream, OB.Com

April 2013 - Campers hear close-by screams, OB.Com

June 2018 (Class A) - Woman watches a Sasquatch walk from her bathroom window near Vernonia, BFRO

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