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Crook County

August 1982 - Sheriff deputy and companion stand-off 3+ creatures, OB.Com

November 1989 (Class B) - Hunter hears wood-on-wood knocking, BFRO

October 2003 - Brief sighting near Prineville, OB.Com

May 2005 - Fisherman sees creature at Wildcat Creek, OB.Com

September 2005 - Hunter waiting for his father is approached by a creature, OB.Com

October 2005 - Couple hears bipedal walking while hiking, OB.Com

June 2007 - Nocturnal biped visits young campers, OB.Com

July 2007 - Mother and son have encounter in campground, OB.Com

August 2007 - Couple sees creature running on lake shore at Prineville Resort Campground, OB.Com

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