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Baker County

September 1977 - Woman sees creature holding a chicken, OB.Com

1980 - Two men see a creature standing in a field, OB.Com

October 1991 (Class B) - Hunter remembers possible howls and footprints near Baker City, BFRO

August 1994 - Napping bowhunter awakens to large rocks landing nearby, OB.Com

November 1995 (Class B) - Hunting/fishing partner related to a friend he saw something over 6' stand on it's hind legs and quickly walk 40 to 50 yards near Hells Canyon, BFRO also on OB.Com

May 1996 (Class A) - Young siblings at play have visual encounter, BFRO

July 1997 - Campers in cabin hear 2 hours of shrieking, OB.Com

September 1997 - Hunter watches what he believes to be a bear stand up on 2 legs, look at him, OB.Com

May 2001 - Unusual Screams Heard at Lake in Oregon, GCBRO also on OB.Com

April 2004 - Motorist sees creature cross I-84, OB.Com

September 2011 (Class A) - Close encounter at sunset by miners near Sumpter, BFRO

May 2012 - Man and his dog hear vocalization while camping, OB.Com

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