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Benton County

1960 - Creature runs across road in front of vehicle, OB.Com 

1961 - Near Alpine, men see tall Bigfoot at close range while deer hunting, OB.Com

August 1975 - Loggers smell/see a Sasquatch, GCBRO also on OB.Com

June 1976 - Woman relates seeing white sasquatch near family home as a child, OB.Com

Spring 1988 (Class B) - While riding their dirt bikes down a trail, two high school seniors find their path is blocked by large log, BFRO also on OB.Com

December 1993 - 6 miles west of Alsea, person sees a Bigfoot outlined in the headlights, OB.Com

April 1995 - Mary's Peak, While visiting a waterfall, a coffee can is thrown at a couple, OB.Com

October 1998 - Hunters are taunted by a possible Sasquatch while hiking early morning, OB.Com

April 2002 - Stomping, tree shaking, witnesses chased out of the woods, OB.Com

August 2002 (Class A) - Boy has two encounters at eastern edge of Coast Range, BFRO

October 2003 - Resident hears screams regularly, OB.Com

January 2004 - Fisherman hears vocalizations, OB.Com

June 2004 - Teens report tripping over something furry in the dark while searching for younger brother, OB.Com 

March 2005 (Class B) - Hikers hear growl, wood knocking, have rock thrown at them, BFRO

June 2009 (Class B) - Family hears whooping sounds while hiking Marys Peak, BFRO

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