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Essex County

Summer 1989,1993 (Class A) - Two separate encounters with "thing" leave three friends scared, shaken and curious, BFRO

August 1996 (Class A) - Two people in canoe see creature on shoreline, BFRO

September 1998 (Class B) - Hiker finds footprints and hears communicating sounds, BFRO

October 2002 (Class B) - Possible sighting by motorist at night, outside Westport, BFRO

October 2002 (Class B) - Vocalizations Heard Near Sighting During Same Time Period, BFRO

October 2002-2003 (Class B) - Unusual events at remote family cabin near Keene Valley, Ny, BFRO

June 2006 (Class B) - Possible daylight sighting by motorist near Minerva, BFRO

August 2010 (Class A) - Camper describes morning sighting at Cascade Lake near Lake Placid, BFRO

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