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Grays Harbor County

August 1972 (Class A) - Teens returning from baseball game were chased by Bigfoot, BFRO

August 1977 - Fisherman followed by something with a musky odor, OB.Com

June 1978 (Class A) - Truck driver has brief roadside sighting, BFRO

June 1982 (Class A) - Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Department Offense report/summary, BFRO

June 1982 (Class A) - Young Man Has Surprise Encounter at High School Graduation Party, BFRO

July 1984 (Class A) - Night time sighting along B Street outside Aberdeen, BFRO

October 1994 (Class A) - Family find fresh, barefooted, humanlike footprints, BFRO

January 1995 (Class A) - Teacher sees a Bigfoot cross the highway in front of her near Aberdeen, BFRO

July 1995 (Class A) - Unusual sounds heard, sighting of fast upright animal, BFRO

April 1996 (Class B) - Tracks found on an old logging trail, BFRO

1996 - Tall upright creature seen walking across a hay field, OB.Com

July 1997 (Class A) - Creature seen crossing road, BFRO

October 1997 (Class A) - Sighting by a deer hunter on a logging road, BFRO

October 1997Fisherman Sees Giant Hairy Man, GCBRO

October 1999 (Class A) - Hunting couple has visual and auditory encounter near coast, BFRO

Winter 1998,2000 (Class B) - Hunter hears strange noises near Montesano, BFRO

August 2000 - 2004 - Teens tell of rocks thrown in the river on several occasions, OB.Com

July 2002 (Class B) - Berry picker hears possible wood knocks east of Aberdeen, BFRO

August 2002 (Class B) - Two witnesses see strange quadruped from truck near Moclips, BFRO

November 2003 - Sighting by Elk hunter, OB.Com

February 2004 - Strange vocalizations heard, OB.Com

February 2004 - Creature spotted by teens with spotlight, OB.Com

July 2004 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting by campers stopped on remote road near Wishkah, BFRO

July 2004 (Class A) - Afternoon sighting by motorists near Quinault Fish Hatchery, BFRO

August 2004 - Man and his son are hit by thrown rocks, OB.Com

September 2004 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by motorists near Humptulips, BFRO

December 2004 (Class B) - Man Hears Evening Vocals in Prior Sighting Area, BFRO

August 2005 (Class B) - Possible beach sighting at night by a tourist near Point Brown, BFRO

October 2005 (Class B) - Deer hunters hear wood knocks near Aberdeen, BFRO

October 2005 - Calls heard by hunter and girlfriend, OB.Com

October 2005 - Hunters experience odor, vocalization near Wynoochee Valley Road, OB.Com

August 2006 - Tall black creature seen walking along railroad tracks, OB.Com

October 2006 (Class B) - Powerful knocking sounds unsettle hunter outside Montesano, BFRO

2006 - Teens have sighting in field, OB.Com

March 2008 (Class B) - Possible tracks in snow east of Humptulips (w/photo), BFRO

April 2008 (Class A) - Friends lost on backroads west of Olympia are stunned by a creature with large green eyes, BFRO

May 2008 (Class B) - Loud vocalizations heard on ridge near Wynoochee River ~10 miles north of Montesano, BFRO

July 2008 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard near a fish hatchery on the Humptulips River, BFRO

July 2008 (Class A) - Daylight road-crossing sighting by the U.S. Postal Carrier for the town of Quinault Lake (w/ low quality cellphone photos), BFRO

November 2008 - Hunters almost shoot what they originally thought was a bear, OB.Com

February 2009 - Group makes and hears calls, one sees creature, OB.Com

July 2009 (Class B) - Woman standing on her elevated deck is approached from underneath by something large near Ocean Shores, BFRO

November 2010 (Class B) - Hunter near Raymond hears what sounds like a Sasquatch chasing and killing a deer, BFRO

June 2012 (Class B) - Possible rock throwing incident while taking photos off of Hwy. 109 near Pacific Beach, BFRO

December 2012 (Class A) - Homeowner stumbles across a sleeping Sasquatch in the brush behind his home near Ocean Shores, BFRO

September 2013 (Class A) - Motorist has a close daylight sighting of a Sasquatch chasing a deer near Ocean Shores (Sketches included), BFRO

March 2014 (Class B) - Homeowner has possible encounter while in his yard near Ocean Shores, BFRO

January 2015 (Class A) - Woman and her friend are visited by three creatures near Ocean Shores, BFRO

October 2016 (Class A) - Sighting near Ocean City, Washington 2016, BFRO

November 2018 (Class B) - Elk hunter reports trees being pushed over and vocalizations in the Colonel Bob Wilderness, BFRO

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