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Portage County

1962? (Class A) - Sighting in the Audubon wildlife preserve, outside Aurora, BFRO

November 1970 (Class B) - Tracks found along soybean field near Edinburgh, BFRO

Summer 1976 (Class B) - Large footprints, area of matted grass and sounds of bipedal footsteps noted along shores of Aurora Lake, BFRO

Summer 1983 (Class B) - Silhouette seen protruding above brushline near Mogadore Reservoir, BFRO

April 1985-86? (Class B) - Student hears vocalization near the Cuyahoga River, BFRO

July 1986 (Class B) - Man recalls possible sighting while driving at night next to the Ravenna Arsenal, BFRO

Summer 1986 until a few years ago. (Class B) - A man has heard similar cries in the night for over 15 years that were noted in another BFRO report from the same location, BFRO

February 1994 (Class A) - Man recounts sighting from his teens near Edinburg, BFRO

Summer 1994-95 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by motorcyclist near Atwater, BFRO

October 1995 (Class B) - While driving to a job a man witness's an unknown eight foot tall biped cross the road, BFRO

April 1997 (Class B) - Loud vocalizations and other noises heard late at night near railroad tracks, BFRO

August 1999 (Class B) - Tracks found in West Branch State Park, BFRO

November 2002 (Class B) - A family is hearing howling behind their home identical to the howls on the BFRO website, BFRO

October 2003 (Class A) - Ongoing Encounters with "Fang" on old family land, BFRO

June 2008 (Class B) - Woman recounts possible night time encounter near Mogadore, BFRO

Spring 09-12 (Class B) - Possible ongoing activity reported by a family living close to the Ravenna Arsenal, BFRO

June 2009 (Class B) - Possible night time encounter while fishing near Atwater, BFRO

December 2010 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard while training hunting dogs near Atwater, BFRO

August 2011 (Class B) - Possible nightime encounter while fishing at Mogadore Reservoir, BFRO

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