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Hunt County

August 1977 (Class A) - Road cross encounter on Hwy 50 in Sulphur River bottoms, BFRO

1984 or 1985 - Bigfoot steals dogfood from screened in porch, GCBRO

February 1988 or 1989 - Hunters see 9 1/2 foot tall Bigfoot, GCBRO

October 1988 or 1989 - Hunters see Bigfoot crossing railroad tracks, GCBRO

July 1998 - GCBRO Researchers watch two Bigfoot from distance, GCBRO

December 2001 (Class A) - Bigfoots observed demonstrating intimidation behavior near Lake Tawakoni, BFRO

May 2005 - Encounter along with a History of Bigfoot in the area, GCBRO

October 2014 (Class B) - Strange encounters over the years, including odd coyote kills, near Commerce, BFRO

2017 (Class B) - Woman home alone north of Greenville claims unusual nightly visitor, BFRO

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