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Jefferson County

Winter Late 70s (Class B) - Human-like footprints are found around a garage heading back into a remote hollow, BFRO

November 1980 or 81 (Class A) - Witness hears loud noise outside bedroom window, observes bipedal animal running away, BFRO

August 1987 (Class B) - Couple horseback riding catch a glimpse of unknown creature followed by a nasty smell and a loud moaning scream, BFRO

Winter 1988 (Class A) - Evening sighting by ice fisherman near Friendship Lake, BFRO

1995, 2003 (Class A) - Two incidents, years apart, one auditory, one visual, near Smithfield, BFRO

Fall 1997 (Class A) - Young hunter has sighting, accompanied by knocking sounds, near Wintersville, BFRO

June 2001 (Class B) - Strange vocalizations heard near a ravine just outside of Steubenville, BFRO

May 2002-2004 (Class A) - Family has series of experiences north of Steubenville off of State Route 213, BFRO

September 2005 - A very foul smell noticed while driving, GCBRO

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