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Kent County

October 1979 (Class B) - Bow hunter remembers possible intimidation behavior near Grand Rapids, BFRO

September 1983 (Class A) - witness heard footsteps, BFRO

November 1978 (Class A) - Man recalls spotting a Sasquatch watching him while hunting deer north of Grand Rapids, BFRO

July 2001 - Experienced Woodsman Cannot Identify Screams He Heard, GCBRO

July 2001 - Follow Up To Above Report On Screams Heard, GCBRO

December 2006 - Tenn encounters creature in the woods, OB.Com

September 2013 (Class B) - Multiple interactions involving a possible road crossing, vocalizations and paralleling experienced by a hunter/homeowner near the Rogue River Game Area, BFRO

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