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Klickitat County

May 1980 (Class B) - Recalling possible daylight sighting near Trout Lake as Mount St. Helens erupts, BFRO

October 1982 (Class A) - Hunter observes trio of animals near Nestor Peak Lookout, BFRO

October 1988 (Class B) - Family hunting near Wahkiacus is stalked by a large animal, BFRO

Spring 1990 (Class B) - Young girl sees road-crossing figure during car repair stop, BFRO

April 1991 (Class A) - Hunters observed creature just before vocalization screams were heard, BFRO

August 1993 (Class A) - Large prints found in mud and then vocalizations heard south of Yakama Reservation, BFRO

September 2000 (Class B) - Hunter finds unrecognizable scat near Guler Mountain, BFRO

August 2003? - Girl hears whistles while picking huckleberries in a foggy area, OB.Com

August 2004 (Class A) - Vocalizations and tense sighting reported by couple hiking and camping near Trout Lake, BFRO

August 2004 - Woman recalls several encounters over the years including one that still scares her, OB.Com

December 2004 - Diversionary rocks thrown near witness, OB.Com

April 2006 (Class B) - Two turkey hunters near Trout Lake are screamed at by a large black animal, BFRO

September 2010 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting by a motorist near BZ Corner, BFRO

July 2014 - Man sees hairy bipedal creature cross the road in front of him, OB.Com

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