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Lewis and Clark County

August 1977 (Class A) - Fly Fisherman sees a hairy bipedal creature while trout fishing, BFRO

July 1978 (Class A) - Boy Scouts watch creature eating leaves along Dearborn River, BFRO

Winter 1981 (Class B) - Motorist & passenger see white creature standing off I-15, BFRO

Summer 1982 (Class A) - Boys observe hairy man-like creature several times, BFRO

November 1990 appro (Class B) - Hunting party reports frightening vocalization, BFRO

July 1994 (Class A) - Woman reports afternoon sighting, BFRO

September 2010 (Class A) - Close daylight sighting and multiple incidents near a home north of Helena, BFRO

May 2015 (Class B) - Possible daylight sighting while driving on a rural road between Helena and Great Falls, BFRO

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