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Polk County

1950's - Two teen girls see a Bigfoot coming towards them, GCBRO

1964 (Class A) - Witness spots a large, dark, hairy creature standing 50 yards away, BFRO

1972 - Bigfoot seen crossing road in front of carload of women, GCBRO

1972 - 1973 - Screaming hairy animal jumps on roof of teens parked car, GCBRO

1975 - 1976 - Two motorcycle riders see gray Bigfoot in ravine, GCBRO

1975 - 1976 - Two rabbit hunters see grayish white Bigfoot, GCBRO

November 1982 - Unknown person or creature jumps out at man, GCBRO

November 1999 - Lady fears for her childs safety, while out picnicing due to his newfound Hairy friend, GCBRO

November 2004 - Hunter Has Eerie Encounter, GCBRO

March 2005 (Class A) - Teen has sighting through bedroom window, BFRO

March 2005 (Class B) - Single car accident in Big Thicket National Preserve, BFRO

April 2005 (Class B) - While biking to work, man hears loud animal in woods, BFRO

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