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Rusk County

September 1980 (Class C) - Loud, high-pitched, close-range screams directed at bowhunters, BFRO

December 1980 (Class A) - Duck hunter has encounter on Lake Cherokee, BFRO

1981 - 4 teens hear loud vocalizations, OB.Com

1981-1982 - Numerous incidents concerning Bigfoot, GCBRO

Summer 1983 (Class A) - Young boy has encounter with young Bigfoot on front porch at grandparents' house, BFRO

November 1984Bigfoot Seen by Hunters, GCBRO

1991-up - Ongoing events with Bigfoot, GCBRO

January 1998 (Class A) - Truck driver spots tall figure on roadside, BFRO

October 1999 (Class A) - Driver and child see a Bigfoot on side of the road, BFRO

June 2002 - Motorist See's Bigfoot Cross Road, GCBRO

October 2002 (Class B) - Nurse has roadside encounter with very large, dark figure, BFRO

November 2004 (Class A) - Deer hunters have morning encounter on hunting lease, BFRO

November 2014 (Class A) - Hunter in a pasture has twilight sighting through his rifle scope in Reklaw, BFRO

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