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Overton County

1958 or earlier - Bear Man killed while stealing chickens, GCBRO

Around 1960 - Woman approached by gorilla type creature while hanging out clothes, GCBRO

July 1971 - Two girls picking blackberries see tall hair covered man-beast, GCBRO

Summer 1972Person asleep in car is attacked by a Bigfoot, GCBRO

1984 - Four Teens attacked by screaming animal, GCBRO

1985  -  Couple see a Bigfoot following them down road, GCBRO

1987 or earlier  -  Man has hairy encounter in the dark, GCBRO

Various times 1987 - Report and sketch of a Bigfoot bed, GCBRO

Summer 1990  -  Couple have flashlights stolen in area of high Bigfoot activity, GCBRO

Fall, 1992  -  Damage done to vehicle, possibly by Bigfoot, GCBRO

1992-1993  -  Three men attacked by huge silver Bigfoot, GCBRO

January 1996 - 13 yr old boy sees creature with green eyes by barn, GCBRO

November 1997 - Girl out walking in Mountains stalked by a Bigfoot, GCBRO

February 1998 - GCBRO researcher and son take picture of Bigfoot family, GCBRO

October 1999 - Man Sees a White Bigfoot Crossing Road in Front of Him, GCBRO

October 1999Screams Terrify Camper in Known Bigfoot Area, GCBRO

February 2001 - GCBRO Investigators have run in with Bigfoot, GCBRO

February 2001GCBRO Member's Photographic Report, GCBRO

March 2001 - GCBRO Members investigation # 1, GCBRO

March 2001 - GCBRO Member's investigation # 2, GCBRO

April-May 2001 - Bigfoot Attracted by Newborn Baby Crying, GCBRO

November 2001 - Tennessee Field Trip Report, GCBRO

February 2002Field Trip Report 1, GCBRO

February 2002Field Trip Report 2, GCBRO

July 2002Tennessee Field Trip Report, GCBRO

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