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Onslow County

October 1965 (Class A) - Youth's presence startles unknown animal, BFRO

October 1983 (Class A) - Early morning traveler recalls roadway sighting near Holly Ridge, BFRO

March 1987 - Growl heard outside home on military base, OB.Com

July 1987 (Class B) - Man hits 7 foot tall, reddish-brown creature with his car, then is pursued by the creature, BFRO

July 1999 (Class A) - Motorist observes bipedal animal shaking a pecan tree near Camp LeJeune, BFRO

February 2005 (Class A) - While training a U.S. Marine witnesses a large creature near Camp LeJuene, BFRO

October 2010 (Class B) - US Marine has a possible encounter with his deer kill outside Jacksonville, BFRO

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