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Stokes County

August 1986 - Motorist see's Bigfoot while driving down dirt road, GCBRO

June 1999Bag boy watches two Bigfoot running from dumpster, GCBRO

May 2000Man going to work sees two Bigfoot eating corn in a field, GCBRO

April 2002Dark figure seen/dead skunk odor smelled, GCBRO

April 2002Monkey type calls heard, GCBRO

November 2005 - Motorist see's Bigfoot, GCBRO

December 2005 - Motorist suspects's Bigfoot of throwing rock at car while driving slowly down mountain dirt road, GCBRO

January 2006 (Class B) - Possible vocalization and approach to tents reported by campers on private land near Pilot Mountain, BFRO

July 2013 - History of Encounter's with Bigfoot, GCBRO

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