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Polk County

1956 - Man sees furry Bigfoot on trail while following dog, OB.Com

Fall 1967 - 3 men hunting, saw tracks near an abandon house, prints went around fence instead of over, OB.Com

June 1969 - Woman saw 2 black Bigfoot walking upright in a field 150 yds. away, OB.Com

September 1974 - Hunter hears branches braking and squealing sound, OB.Com

1976 - Camper experiences heavy footsteps, terrible smell and then sees large figure retreat into woods, OB.Com

1976 - While sitting around a Bon Fire, People Are Visited by Unknown Creature, GCBRO

October 1980 - Boys have sighting while bicycling near Valsetz, OB.Com

October 1982 (Class A) - Elk hunter watches large and small upright animals cross beneath power lines, BFRO

May 1990 - Man describes hearing loud scream on Black Rock Mainline Rd., OB.Com

October 1990 - 1993 - Man experiences rocks being thrown at tent, OB.Com

October 1991 (Class B) - In the early morning, hunter observes rock throwing near Valsetz, BFRO

August 1993 - Teens hear rocks thrown, see 3 creatures near residence, OB.Com

August 1994 - Man sees 8' tall Bigfoot while gold panning, OB.Com

September 1995 (Class B) - Two archery hunters recall a strong smell and find large tracks near Grand Ronde, BFRO

May 1999  - Resident sees "man type thing" cross clearcut, OB.Com

September 2000 (Class A) - Motorist observes bipedal creature crossing highway, BFRO also on OB.Com

October 2000 (Class B) - Hunters find track in mountains above Falls City, BFRO

September 2001 (Class B) - Bowhunter finds twisted trees, tracks, scat, & unusual sound, BFRO also on OB.Com

July 2003 (Class B) - Family members encounter footprint, BFRO also on OB.Com

December 2003 (Class A) - Sasquatch crosses road in Coast Range in front of car, BFRO also on OB.Com

October 2004 - Large Bigfoot tracks found, OB.Com

June 2005 - Motorists see creature running through power line throughway, OB.Com

January 2007 - Possible Bigfoot Evidence Found and Sounds Heard, GCBRO

May 2011 - Couple hear bipedal footsteps outside their home, OB.Com

January 2015 - "Beast" holding a small animal in a field seen by man driving to work, OB.Com

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