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Newton County

November 1981 (Class A) - Early evening sighting by motorist two miles outside Bon Wier, BFRO

October 1995 - Woman driver sees stooped over creature crossing the road, GCBRO

Late July 1998 - Hunters see 8'-8.5' brownish black Bigfoot, standing in a clump of trees watching them, GCBRO

April 1999 (Class A) - Fisherman has afternoon encounter while bowfishing for gar in Sabine River bottom, BFRO

November 1999 - Coon Dogs refuse to hunt, Hunter hears screams/growls, BFRO

January 2000 - Two 20 year old men spooked out of woods by Bigfoot, GCBRO

September 2004 (Class B) - While driving home at night, family has sighting not far from Sabine River, BFRO

November 2011 - Deer Hunter Hears Unusual Sounds, GCBRO

February 2014 - Strange noises heard while camping, GCBRO

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