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Ogemaw County

November 1991 (Class A) - Witness hears scream, sees large 2-legged figure covered with hair, BFRO

July 2001 (Class B) - Family members describe possible nighttime vocalizations heard over the years near Prescott, BFRO

November 2003 (Class A) - Deer hunter watches large bipedal animal in Rifle River State Park, BFRO

May 2006 (Class B) - Vacationer hears possible howls at night near Henderson Lake, BFRO

October 2006 - Family has multiple incidents, GCBRO

September 2007 (Class A) - Night Time Sighting by Motorist - South of Lupton, BFRO

September 2016 (Class B) - Motorist has a possible daylight sighting just north of South Branch, BFRO

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