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Parker County

October 1975 (Class A) - Woman remembers encounter not far from Brazos River, BFRO

November 1976 (Class B) - Man recalls strange occurrences as a youngster in Weatherford, BFRO 

December 1982 (Class A) - While parking near Sunshine Lake, teens have late night encounter, BFRO

November 2010 (Class B) - Hunter flushes large creature when retrieving rabbit near city of Mineral Wells, BFRO

June 2011 (Class A) - Worker has late night encounter at gas well near Aledo, BFRO

August 2011 (Class A) - Gas field trucker has encounter at well head near Aledo, BFRO

July 2019 (Class A) - Night time road crossing sighting four miles south of Weatherford, BFRO

October 2020 (Class A) - Daylight sighting on the Brazos River west of Weatherford, BFRO

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