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Rapides Parish

Summer Mid- to Late-1970s (Class A) - Two Large Creatures Were Seen Coming Out of Creek, BFRO

Late 1970s (Class A) - Witness looked up into the eyes of Bigfoot, BFRO

April 1980 - Creature heard, smelled and then seen while camping, GCBRO

October 1980 (Class A) - Man recalls seeing a large creature walk across his yard near Tioga, BFRO

June Early 1980s (Class A) - Witnesses saw Creature next to a Broken Tree, BFRO

July 1985 (Class A) - Child has encounter while looking at the night sky, BFRO

August 2000 (Class A) - Logger has two encounters over three day period, BFRO

November 2003 - Tree knocks heard, GCBRO

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