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Umatilla County

May 1969 - Scream/Smell scares family, OB.Com

Summer 1969 - Man recounts nocturnal "cougar monkey" screams on family camping trip, OB.Com

August 1974 (Class B) - Possible screams heard by campers near Indian Lake, BFRO

September 1975 (Class B) - A pheasant hunter's sighting near Pilot Rock cemetary, BFRO also on OB.Com

June 1976 (Class A) - Travelers watch tan-brown 5-6 foot hairy creature drink from stream with cupped hand, BFRO also on OB.Com

June 1976 (Class A) - Boy Scout sees part of retreating Sasquatch, BFRO

October 1980 - Retired police officer sees Bigfoot near side of the road, OB.Com

November 1982 - Elk hunter witnesses a large ape-like creature walk across clearing, OB.Com

May 1990 - Man describes hearing loud scream on Black Rock Mainline Rd., OB.Com

December 1985 (Class A) - Large truck halts in front of Sasquatch on I-84, BFRO

1988 - "Bear running on its hind legs" seen near I-84 in Oregon, OB.Com

July 1991 (Class A) - Family sees stooped-over creature walking along forest line, BFRO also on OB.Com

May 1992 - Brothers see Sasquatch watching them, OB.Com also on BFRO

Summer Around 1992 (Class A) - Witness observed two creatures crossing the road, BFRO also on OB.Com

1993  - Loud scream heard by hunters, OB.Com

September 1994 (Class A) - Native American woman recalls childhood sighting on family property near Cayuse, BFRO

September 1994 (Class A) - Elk hunter spots reddish-brown Sasquatch, BFRO also on OB.Com

September 1995 (Class B) - Four elk bowhunters hear a long guttural scream, BFRO also on OB.Com

Fall 1998 (Class B) - Woman describes possible encounter while elk hunting near Pilot Rock, BFRO

August 2002 - Man stops car and sees a large hunchbacked creature on side of road, OB.Com

December 2002 (Class A) - Rural Oregon resident sees a Bigfoot look into the window, BFRO also on OB.Com

December 2002 (Class B) - Driver has early evening road sighting on Interstate 84 southeast of Pendleton, BFRO

January 2005 - Man shoots at creature attacking cattle, OB.Com

July 2005 (Class B) - Native family along the Umatilla River reports possible encounters, BFRO

October 2005 - Couple experience terrible odor and describe hearing vocalizations the previous year, OB.Com

September 2009 - A couple camping have a visitor at night, OB.Com

November 2012 - Night vocalizations heard near Pendelton on Reservation, OB.Com

November 2012 (Class B) - Memory of hearing the "Umatilla Screamer" on Indian Reservation, BFRO

August 2020 (Class B) - Camper hears vocalizations near Meacham, region with history of Umatilla Screamer, BFRO

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