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Wasco County

1965 - Girls saw Bigfoot near gravel pit on several occasions, OB.Com

May 1967 - Teens frequently watched Bigfoot cross freeway from hills to river at 11:30 pm, OB.Com

1968 - 2 girls woke up while sleeping outside to see Bigfoot watching them on it haunches, It ran when they screamed, OB.Com

1969 - 4 young people got out of car to watch Bigfoot on rocky bluff, OB.Com

1969 - Men smell an odor in the woods that makes their hair stand on end, OB.Com

Early June 1971 - 8' Silvery-Grey Bigfoot seen on several occasions by groups of witnesses, OB.Com

June 1971 - Couple see 10' grey Bigfoot at night, OB.Com

71, 83, 94 (Class A) - Repeated encounters by Native American family, BFRO

April 1972 - Man sees Bigfoot while hitchhiking America, OB.Com

August '73-'74? (Class B) - Boy scout hears repeated scream, BFRO

January 1974 - Deputy Sheriff sees 7' Bigfoot on road in morning on freezing road, OB.Com

August 1975 - Witnesses stopped car to watch Bigfoot on a hill, OB.Com

Early 1976 - Woman and 2 sons saw Bigfoot on hillside, OB.Com

October 1976 - Couple see large dark figure on boulder from a 1/4 mile away, OB.Com

Early 1980's - Children have encounter while father is timber cruising, OB.Com

November 1984 (Class A) - Sighting by elk hunters near White River drainage, BFRO

1987?  - Hunters see 2 Bigfoot creatures tearing apart an Elk carcass, OB.Com

February 1993 (Class A) - A couple travelling by train observe a Sasquatch for several minutes as it observes the train during an unscheduled control stop about 10 minutes outside The Dalles along the Columbia River, BFRO also on OB.Com

June 1994 or 1995 - Man says they witness a fight between a Bigfoot creature and an Elk, OB.Com

January 1995 - 2 coyote hunters report seeing 7' Bigfoot creatures, OB.Com

November 1997 - Sighting by Elk hunters near White River Drainage, OB.Com

August 2004 - Campers see shadow of large figure on tent, OB.Com

October 2009 (Class A) - Late night road crossing sighting by hunters near the eastern boundary of Mt. Hood National Forest, BFRO

October 2009 - Man has 2 experiences at same hunting camp a year apart, OB.Com

February 2010 - Man tells second hand story, OB.Com

January 2011 - Man finds tracks in snow, OB.Com

July 2017 (Class B) - Camper's nighttime howl has possible knock response in Mt. Hood National Forest, BFRO

September 2017 (Class B) - Evening archery hunters hear possible whoops for 15 minutes in Mt. Hood National Forest, BFRO

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