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Sevier County

1965 - Hairy arm seen, dog heard yelping as if hit, GCBRO

April 1970 (Class A) - Sighting by motorist in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, not far from the park entrance, BFRO

December 1997 (Class A) - Memory told of a late night close encounter from a parked vehicle outside Gatlinburg, BFRO

June 2002 - Bigfoot lured by pizza, GCBRO

July 2002 (Class B) - Vacationers see large, upright figure near Newfound Gap, BFRO

February 2003Vacationers have some Night Time activity, GCBRO

April 2006 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard near Pigeon Forge, BFRO

August 2008 (Class A) - Family vacationing in Pigeon Forge has two sightings on two consecutive nights driving down a mountain road, BFRO

October 2008 (Class A) - Father & son use a spotlight to observe a Bigfoot behind their home near Kodak, BFRO

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