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Sedgwick County

November 1975 (Class A) - Early morning sighting by a hunter, BFRO also on GCBRO

July 1978 (Class A) - Fisherman hears heavy breathing ,turns and sees tall man-like creature, BFRO

1984 (Class B) - A woman and her daughter report being followed by a large animal as they walked along a dark country lane near their home, BFRO

July 1987 - Workers at Sewage Facility See A Bigfoot, GCBRO 

May 2002 - Footprints/Sounds activity report, GCBRO

July 2006 - Couple Fishing Have Eerie Encounter, GCBRO

April 2011 (Class A) - Observation of a Bigfoot eating mussels on the Ninnescah River, BFRO

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