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Valley County

August 1969 (Class A) - Four witnesses have encounter near McCall, BFRO

August 1973 (Class A) - Mountain goat hunters have encounter with 8'-9' tall biped, BFRO

February 1979 (Class A) - Young boy views bigfoot through window, BFRO

November 1979 (Class B) - Fish & Game employee recalls following possible tracks while hiking near Little Payette Lake, BFRO

July 1981 (Class A) - 16-year-old girl has nighttime sighting near hot springs, BFRO also on GCBRO

October 1985 (Class A) - Young deerhunters see moving biped shape and later hear vocalizations, BFRO

October 1985-2003 - "Guttural" yell heard on several occasions, OB.Com 

September 1993 (Class B) - Several bow hunters hear an unusual loud scream while hunting elk, BFRO

October 1993 - Odor noticed, followed by loud scream, OB.Com

1993 - Boy's father sees something in the woods while driving, OB.Com

October 1996 (Class A) - Frightened teen deer hunter feels stalked by large hairy bipedal animal, BFRO

2002 - Sound of rocks smashing together and hitting trees hard, OB.Com

June 2006 (Class B) - Members of a Boy Scout troop hear possible vocalizations at Loon Lake, BFRO

Summer 2007 (Class A) - Memory of a moonlight sighting as a Boy Scout at Payette Lake near McCall, BFRO

Summer 2017 (Class B) - Cabin owners have a strange night near Warm Lake, BFRO

November 2018 (Class A) - Dusk sighting by hikers in general vicinity of Tamarack Ski Resort, BFRO

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