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Swain County

Summer 1975 (Class B) - Hikers find footprint in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, BFRO

January 1998 (Class B) - Long trail of 13" long human-like footprints found in deep snow and rough terrain, BFRO

July 2006 - Unusual Screams Heard!, GCBRO

July 2006 - Campers Have A Visit From Bigfoot!, GCBRO

November 2006 - Various Bigfoot Evidence is Discussed!, GCBRO

March 2015 (Class B) - Vacationers blame a restless night on possible vocalizations at a remote mountain cabin near Bryson City, BFRO

January 2020 (Class A) - YESTERDAY motorists in Smoky Mts. observe a Bigfoot along Little Tennessee River, BFRO

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