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Trumbull County

November 1984Two boys see a Bigfoot, GCBRO 

November 1997 (Class B) - Woman see's a large bear like thing standing next to dumpster. The next day she finds large human like five toed tracks where it was standing heading into the woods, BFRO

February 2000 (Class A) - Prints found following sighting near Mosquito Lake, BFRO

February 2000Man hears strange cries/screams, GCBRO

August 2000Man finds large track near Lake, GCBRO

August 2001Father/Daughter injured by a Bigfoot, GCBRO

August 2004 (Class A) - Man has close encounter very near the Grand River State Game Preserve, BFRO

March 2005 (Class B) - Two fishermen hear possible vocalizations then find footprints west of Warren, BFRO

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