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Wallowa County

Late 1970's - Man sleeping along road hears creature running by repeatedly, Vocalizing, OB.Com

July 1972 (Class B) - Memory told of observing bi-pedal creatures while driving on an unimproved dirt road in the Wallowa Mountains east of Cove, BFRO

August 1979 - Man sees bipedal creature cross road in front of him, OB.Com

August 1988 (Class A) - Teenager observes two upright-walking animals playing while scouting for elk in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, BFRO also on OB.Com

1988 or 1989 - Campers report something rummaging through backpacks, see furry creature, OB.Com

July 1998 - Rough hands reach into tent, grabs campers by feet, OB.Com

September 2000 - Hunters see a Bigfoot in a valley, OB.Com

July 2001 - Boy Scouts have sighting while playing in woods, OB.Com

2002 - Hunters hear screams near Troy, OB.Com

October 2004 - Creature seen crossing road in pre-dawn hours,  OB.Com

January 2006 - Woman sees tracks while snowmobiling, OB.Com

May 2006 - Campers at a remote site hear nocturnal rummaging, bad egg smell, OB.Com

June 2007 - Tracks seen at the top of Mt. Howard, OB.Com

August 2008 (Class B) - Young male hiker experiences strange events and finds possible tracks at a campground in the Blue Mountains, BFRO

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