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EMBRC Report #  2

Class:  A 


Year:   1986         


Season:  Spring                


Month:   April                     


Nearest Road/Hwy:    Paradise Valley Rd.     


State, Province:  Washington                    


County:   Pierce                           


Country:  USA      


Women has possible sighting and vocalizations


Location information and directions to site:  Hiking trail to Saddleback ridge .across from Mt. Rainier.


What Happened: The person I went there with went up the trail and I stayed at a giant blueberry bush in between two pine trees. The incident was about 20 min. long. I started hearing a person on the other side of the bush saying umm! umm! umm! In an up and down volume quite loud with it mouth full of berries. I tried looking through the bush which was maybe 6 or 7 feet tall and could only see something dark. I briefly thought a bear but it sounded like a person. I said something out loud and it got very quiet. I continued to eat and the bush shook gently and I said I'm not leaving! Then the bush shook bigger and the person on the other side was mumbling as it shook the bush like it had a mouth full of berries and couldn't speak correctly. I thought darn I better go find my friend so I grabbed a few more berries and walked down to the trail. When my friend met up with me I think some hikers came down at the same time. I was telling him what happened and they all yelled, Bigfoot! I was stunned. We walked back to the car and I noticed no one went looking for the bush shaker.

Environment and landmarks:  It was heavily forested with hills and ravines and hiking trail was wide. Could see lodge and mountain from location of incident.


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