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EMBRC Report # 5

Class:  B  


Year:   2014          


Season:  Summer                


Month:   September                     


Nearest Town:   Port Orford             


Nearest Road/Hwy:    1 / 101     


State, Province:  Oregon                     


County:   Curry                            


Country:  USA      


Group hears baby crying while camping


Location information and directions to site: Humbug campground state park


What Happened: Was tent camping at humbug state park in Oregon on a week day in September. Only myself and my mother and two young couples across the dirt road and from out of state. Sometime in the early morning around 2 or 4 am a crying baby woke me up. I was in a thin tent so it was very loud. It cried for about 20 minutes and I wondered why the young couple didn't attend to their baby. It finally got quiet and I went back to sleep. Got up at about 7am to fix coffee and the young couple got up as well and we all stared at each other with scorn over the loud and lusty baby crying in the middle of the night. All of sudden they realized we were to old to have a baby and I looked for a baby camping with them and they didn't have one. They didn't even have a dog. As we left the campgrounds I didn't see anyone else. I ask the park ranger if someone came in late at night and he said you and the other campers were the only campers. I told him a baby cried for about twenty min. and woke everyone up. He became speechless and tried to say something to me but decided to say nothing so I stuck my arm out the window and wave at him and drove off down the road.

Witnesses: My mother but she's hard of hearing


Environment and landmarks:  2 to 4 am nice weather very dark.

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