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Litchfield County

November 1968 (Class A) - Daytime sighting from a farm house in the hilly area of Newton farm, outside South Kent, BFRO

November 1987 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations near Bakersville, BFRO

August 1995 (Class B) - Fisherman hears unusual late night vocalizations at Roraback WMA, BFRO and on GCBRO

September 1997 - Rider survives, her horse doesn't after Bigfoot encounter, GCBRO

July 2010 (Class B) - Security guard on patrol in Canaan area (Summer 2010) describes loud screams and 18-inch track, BFRO

May 2014 (Class A) - Large hairy biped seen chasing deer behind a home at dusk near Bridgewater, BFRO

Winter 2015 (Class B) - Passenger has possible daylight sighting near New Preston, BFRO

June 2017 (Class B) - Possible ongoing activity at a farmhouse outside Torrington, BFRO

November 2018 (Class B) - Military serviceman finds 15 inch tracks in People's State Forest CT, BFRO

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