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Manitoba (Canada)

Manitoba (Canada)

As the reports come in you will see the numbers by the counties appear showing the number of reports for that county. Only counties with reports will appear in the list. There will be less to search through for you and it will make it easier for you to find what you want. Reports are listed by sighting date not report number.


November 1941 (Class A) - Moose hunter shoots "Bigfoot" to death, BFRO

Summer mid 1960's (Class A) - Childhood incidents in Manitoba, BFRO

October 1975/76? (Class A) - Boy sneaks up on huge "man" at edge of playground at night, BFRO

September 1976 (Class A) - Man recalls seeing a Sasquatch in the early evening near Great Falls, BFRO

1980's - Bigfoot Report, GCBRO

April 1981 (Class A) - Girl celebrating her birthday has encounter with upright animal walking through yard, BFRO

June 1983 (Class B) - Backcountry campers in the Nopiming Provincial Park are approached and hear vocalizations, BFRO

September 1990 (Class A) - "Clump of grass" in ditch stands and lopes across road, BFRO

September 1990 (Class A) - Daylight sighitng by motorist on Hwy 6 near Easterville, BFRO

August 1996 (Class A) - Creature seen walking across a grain field, BFRO

July 1998 (Class A) - Creature took amazing strides with arms swinging, BFRO

July 1998 (Class B) - Huge human-like footprints discovered, BFRO

May 1999 (Class A) - Ape-like creature seen by a Tow-Truck driver between Splitlake and Gilliam Manitoba, BFRO

September 2000Black Bigfoot seen in road, GCBRO

October 2000 (Class B) - Possible Sasquatch seen by farmer near Hwy 21 outside Kenton, Manitoba, BFRO

October 2001 (Class A) - Woman sees creature cross city park, BFRO

September 2002 (Class A) - Two sightings by Cree man north of The Pas, BFRO

April 2003 (Class A) - School teacher sees "thing" at school yard fence in early morning, BFRO

May 2003 (Class A) - Woman driving sees creature walk into bus, BFRO

March 2004 (Class A) - Early spring sighting north of Winnipeg, BFRO

May 2004 (Class A) - Geologist sees creature and becomes a Bigfoot believer, BFRO

August 2004 (Class B) - Possible daylight sighting by bush pilot flying low over remote forest area outside Bissett, BFRO

September 2004 (Class B) - Grouse twice left on trail for hiker, BFRO

April 2005 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by ferry operator at Nelson River crossing, north of Norway House, BFRO

May 2007 (Class A) - Tall manlike creature seen while on a family outing near The Pas, BFRO

June 2009 (Class B) - Possible sighting by a First Nations member while hunting outside The Pas Area, BFRO

July 2010 (Class B) - Possible trackway found and photographed near Brandon, BFRO

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