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Polk County

September 1974 (Class A) - Twilight sighting on the west side of Lakeland, BFRO

1976 - Camper experiences heavy footsteps, horrible smell and then sees large figure retreat into woods, OB.Com

January 1978 (Class A) - Multiple witness motorist sighting in daylight at the edge of the Alafia River, BFRO

Summer 1979 or 80 (Class B) - Noise, like wood being banged against tree. Tracks found, BFRO

September 1985 86 (Class B) - Hunter has unexplained, late night encounter while in small boat on Saddle Creek, BFRO

Spring About 1995 (Class B) - Possible daylight sighting by fisherman near Bartow, BFRO

October 2004-2005 (Class A) - Couple describes vocals and a sighting on their fence-line outside Mulberry, BFRO

May 2006 - Creature seen on way back to camp, GCBRO

December 2006 (Class B) - Family describes repeated incidents on their property near Lake Wales, BFRO

November 2008 (Class A) - Hunter watches creature picking persimmons in the Green Swamp, BFRO

April 2013 (Class B) - Two deputy sheriffs report hearing possible vocalizations while hog hunting near Poinciana, BFRO

May 2013 (Class B) - Possible daylight sighting by a bicyclist on the General James A. Van Fleet State Trail, BFRO

May 2013 (Class B) - Possible sighting at dusk by father and daughter riding an ATV near Bartow, BFRO

April 2014 (Class A) - Motorist has nighttime sighting and strange incidents near Lake Weohyakapka, BFRO

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