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Shasta County

August 1970 (Class B) - Woman describes a childhood encounter outside a tent on the edge of Lake Shasta, BFRO

Summer 1970 1990 (Class A) - Lady has two Northern California sightings, over a 20year period, BFRO

Spring 1973-74 (Class B) - Man recalls adversarial encounter with an unknown creature near French Gulch, BFRO

August 1977 (Class A) - Two Young Fishermen Have Mid-day Encounter at Lake Shasta, BFRO

Fall 1978 or 79 (Class A) - Husband and wife have late night sighting on Highway 299, BFRO

July 1979 (Class B) - Couple Has Frightening Encounter Near Lake Shasta, BFRO

August 1984 (Class B) - Large Footprints Found, Vocalizations Heard by Vacationer Near Lake Shasta, BFRO

June 1986 (Class A) - Unusual "Wild" Smell from Animal Walking Around Camper's Truck Near Sheep Camp, BFRO

September 1986 (Class B) - Man had deer stolen by creature near Lakehead, BFRO

October 1987 (Class A) - Loud Screams Heard by Hunters While Camping Near a Natural Spring, BFRO

August 1989 - Man describes several experiences near PG&E cabins, OB.Com

August 1989 - Man reports several audio encounters and describes being paralleled on a dark road, OB.Com

May 1990 - Camper hears stomping and breathing in early morning hours, OB.Com

Summer 1990 (Class B) - Loud Howling Sounds Heard, BFRO

June 1991 (Class A) - Man collecting pine nuts retreats from intimidation approach, above French Gulch near Lake Shasta, BFRO

August 1991 (Class B) - Man hears strange late night scream outside Shingletown, BFRO

September 1992 (Class B) - Residents Awakened by Early Morning Vocalizations, BFRO

1992 (Class B) - Men hear evening vocalization outside their home in Redding, BFRO

August 1993 - Screams and footsteps heard in forest, OB.Com

Fall 1994 (Class A) - Woman recalls a nighttime sighting on Hwy. 299 near Burney, BFRO

August 2000 - Teen claims to have staredown with creature, OB.Com

September 2000 (Class B) - Hunter sees prints near Round Mountain, BFRO

Winter 2001 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by guide and two tourists at Lake Shasta Caverns, BFRO

August 2001 (Class B) - Couple hears late night screams near Viola, BFRO

June 2002 (Class B) - Family hears late night vocalizations near Lake McCumber, BFRO

April 2003 (Class B) - Possible camp stalking in Jones Valley, Lake Shasta, BFRO

July 2004 - Campers hear screams similar to Klamath recording, OB.Com

January 2006 (Class B) - Evening sighting by a motorist near Shingletown, BFRO

May 2007 - Camper hears something walking around her tent, OB.Com

June 2007 - Cabin campers hear strange vocalizations, OB.Com

January 2013 (Class B) - Footprints found along snow covered road near Whiskeytown Lake, BFRO

July 2014 (Class B) - Boater spots something odd during the day on Lake Shasta, BFRO

September 2018 (Class A) - Motorist daylight sighting between Redding and Lassen National Forest, BFRO

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